About Lisa


IMG_1450I have been fortunate to teach over a period of time where the whole concept of education has shifted and continues to change. It is exciting to be part of such an amazing transition and explore new pedagogies and experiences in learning (for myself as well as students).
I started my teaching career as an Art teacher, adding Graphic Design qualifications a few years ago and I have loved my teaching areas, but I also had a desire to explore new models for education and wanted to find a job that was out of the box. This led me to find my degree, Master of Education – Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation through Charles Sturt University; I will complete my study this year.
I am currently a Technology Coach in Canberra, Australia. I am very fortunate to work in a job that I love and to have such amazing opportunity to work with others to improve teaching and learning with technology.


Integrated Curriculum for Creativity in a Digital World 2015

Things that Matter 2015

Things that Matter curriculum resources

CSU Online Learning Exchange exemplar

Snapchat for Educators 2016

Connected Education 2016

Twitter for Educators 2016

My artwork – ongoing

Professional Certification

Apple Distinguished Educator | 2017

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert | 2017-18

Microsoft Innovative Educator | 2017

Apple Teacher | 2017